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Dallas, Texas

Rebuilt Transmissions from Dallas, Texas

1st Engines And Transmissions based in Dallas, Texas, provides rebuilt transmissions, engines, and other auto body parts. Learn more about what you will receive when you buy from us.

In addition to engines, we provide used and rebuilt transmissions. Our transmissions are cleaned and tested by an experienced transmission specialist with 20 years of experience. We ensure you will receive a clean working part, whether automatic or manual.

We offer a 90-day warranty on used transmissions and a 1-year warranty on rebuilds. Transmissions include the torque converter.

Mechanic and customer, Rebuilt Transmissions from Dallas, Texas

Body Parts
We offer an excellent selection of doors, tailgates, fenders, and even truck beds. All parts are pulled, packed, and ready for shipping. All body parts are listed with the full condition.
We can also order a selection of aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are covered per manufacturer warranties if provided.

Axle Assemblies
We provide pulled, used axle assemblies. Axles are complete and ready for installation. These also come with a 90-day warranty.
We ensure that you receive the specific axle assembly in the condition advertised. Get axle assemblies for all vehicles, including large vehicles.

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